Till they treat ya like tundra

So last night was the big indie rock show at Great Scott in Allston. The Twilight Sad played with Relay and Tulsa.

Tulsa, was pretty meh. Easy enough to ignore. Relay turned out to be really cool. At first, I thought they were generic rock and was prepared to ignore it. Halfway through their set Rob put the idea that they were "MBV wannabes" in my ear, and I totally heard the shoegaze in it. By the time they were done I was so ready to go drool at their merchandise.

The Twilight Sad came on around 11:50 [it was a late night and I am feeling it today, I assure you]. When I saw them last November, they got on stage, played a 20 minute blast of noise [think early JAMC] and walked off. Last night they were slightly more refined, in that they played for 55 minutes, and there was even some stage banter! However, with the thick Scottish brogue, I couldn't understand a word of it. Plus, I think James was more than a little drunked up.

Aside from a few semi-lucid moments, the rest of the show was amazing. Like push you back against the wall noise. James's on stage presence rivals that of Ian Curtis [really - check the Pitchfork pic]. I did not get any good pictures because they pretty much play in the dark - and the ones with flash just didn't look right. The picture in my mind is when he would stand on stage screaming, nowhere near a microphone, and you couldn't hear a thing over the band, just silently watching his body heave and twitch. Would I go see The Twilight Sad again? THE ANSWER IS YES!!

Quite simply, brilliant. A night of nu-gaze to be remembered. Oh, and the indie-rock make-out party is still going strong, thanks. I could have posted one of the songs they played, however one of the few things I did catch James say was that "Even we don't know the titles to our songs". So I give you a real treat for today's indie-rock make-out song, Untitled 4, one of the demos they sent off to Fat Cat that hasn't been re-recorded or released [yet].


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