She still got plenty lonely but that's just the case

Today's song is You Have Cum [...] by Palace Music.

Last night I watched the premiere of My Life on the D-List, and my reaction was slightly different and much more defined than in previous seasons. I think her attitude works great for her act, but it was always a little weird to see how it carried over into her real life, well, real life in front of the camera, I suppose. Kind of makes me think that she really isn't a nice person in real life. However I could have just died when she was talking about Matt during her interview.

No clip, no transcript? INTERNET! WHAT ARE YOU GOOD FOR TODAY!

The point of this story totally isn't her anyway. A few months ago I was arguing with my roommate about how I'm not an attractive guy, how ever since my first stab at dating at 19 I've been a "Rhoda" - the sidekick, the best friend, it's not you it's me, people like me, but never like me. I can accept that role in life, I should be used to it by now. But lately I've just been really depressed and lonely for a variety of valid reasons. Fueled by craps winnings and internet buzz, a few weeks ago I took that leap into, the gay-friendly eHarmony. Can I tell you something?


Finding you that special someone with that something special, takes time. We are currently seeking these potential partners for you. Please check back with us soon.

I took all the tests, answered all the questions, wrote the essay, uploaded the pictures. I had my 5 free matches [NO THANK YOU], then maybe 10 more after that [I finally expressed interest in the last 2, but it wasn't mutual so nothing further happened], and now, for the past week and a half it's just the same old story. No one for you today, check back tomorrow. I almost feel like a chump for giving them money. Of course, I'm too ashamed to call up and try and cancel the account and get my money back, explaining to some call center worker on the other side of the world that nobody likes me.

But hey, that's not the point of the story either - what this really comes down to is after years of ranting against Pride activities, I told a friend I may actually show up this year. I know! The only reason that I can think of as to why I said that out loud is I do feel better when I'm out connecting with people. And let's face it, sitting on the couch in my underwear and watching TV just isn't cutting it anymore.

Even at it's worst, it'll be an awesome photo opportunity.

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  1. Greg said...
    Hey, I'm old enough to get the "Rhoda" reference!
    My experience w/ the types of sites you mention is pretty much the same - though they seem to be another way for the nutcases to expand their territory (that can be taken two ways. Am I talking about them or me??)h

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