Man shot to the moon

Last Sunday I went to Spectacle Island with my homies.

Spectacle Island

Spectacle Island is named that because it used to look like a pair of glasses, not because it makes an ass out of itself. To get there, we took a ferry past Deer Island. Deer Island is where all of Boston's poop goes, and always reminds me of the eggs from the movie Alien.

Deer Island

When we decided to put our highway underneath the city, all the land we dug up was put on Spectacle Island. It's almost 2 miles to the top, but there's a nice view when you get there.

Spectacle Island

Additionally, when we got to the top, we found there was more to climb.

Spectacle Island

Oh my God. OH MY GOD! Really now! I know, right? I purchased a new camera a few weeks ago, and it can zoom in pretty good.

Spectacle Island

Really, we couldn't believe what we were seeing. I mean, you see it too, right? We didn't just mass hallucinate it?

Anyway, a good time was had by all except me because I got sunburned and blistered, word.

Spectacle Island

Obviously, I've grown tired of the questions. Taking a page from Amy Sedaris, I'm now tellin' people he loves me. I'm tellin' people his fist-kisses are just like daddy's used to be.


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