Bang Camaro, Holy Fuck, The Go Team

SO how was Lollapalooza 2008? It more like something to endure instead of something to enjoy.

We arrived at the gates about 10:45 to find the line was already stretched for blocks. It was already hot and humid, and apparently sold out for Friday.

Lining Up, Friday Morning

We scarily breezed through security (seriously, I totally could have brought my knives out) and headed over to Bang Camaro.

Bang Camaro
Bang Camaro

Bang Camaro are kind of like The Polyphonic Spree. Only heavy metal. And from Boston. Bang Camaro were something to do while waiting for Holy Fuck.

Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck were a last minute addition when Noah and the Whale canceled, and an A++ addition at that! I enjoyed their set very much. Sadly, it was so hot the umbrella I had brought for the possibility of thunderstorms turned into a parasol - it actually helped and worked really well. We looked stupid, but weren't alone in the idea either. I mostly felt like the goth girl at the Menses Fair in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

We took our time walking in the shade the 10 blocks across the park to The Go! Team. One of my favorite pictures in the world that I've taken is of Ninja from their 2006 Coachella performance. I feel like this year I actually fucking equalled that:

Ninja, The Go! Team
The Go! Team

It's a shot of the video screen, I know. I was not front and center because I was melting. Rob didn't make it through the set, he went off for shade after 30 minutes. As awesome as they were, I just couldn't muster the energy to move.

Last year I broke up these posts after every three bands to keep them from getting too massive. So far we've covered the heat, the complete lack of security, that I need to buy some Holy Fuck records and that I still love The Go! Team.


  1. Dumbek said...
    I'm sorry - I stopped paying attention after looking at the really cute guy with the mohawk. mmm-hmmmm.

    Oh yeah - Holy Fuck. Love them. On paper you'd think I'd hate them, but they're pretty amazing live.
    keith said...
    HA! I hadn't noticed him at all and had to go back and look.

    There pretty much wasn't anyone attractive at Lollapalooza, surprisingly.

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