And crowded chain restaurants

I was busy playing Peggle all afternoon again when I realized there's a few things I don't want to forget:

  • The big Swervedriver show two weeks ago was mostly bland. Most of the set was B-sides and rarities, which made about 10 people really happy, and left the other 290 kind of scratching their heads for close to an hour. The last five songs were great, although afterwards, I realized they only ever had five great songs, when you really think about it.

  • The big Mark Kozelek show two weeks ago was really good. He layed off the obscurities for the most part. Unfortunately everything has the tendency to sound the same when he plays these acoustic shows. The encore [Glenn Tipton/Rock n Roll Singer/Convenient Parking/Three Legged Cat all strung together in a five minute medley] was awesome. So was "River".

  • The big Lollapalooza schedule was announced, and I've planned my days. I'm taking location of stages and likeliness of crankiness into account this year in planning. That explains the presence of things like Duffy, The Ting Tings and Kid Sister in there. That explains the absence of CSS, Lupe Fiasco and Saul Williams. And yes, Rob and I really can't come to a decision on the Nine Inch Nails versus Kanye West Sunday night finale.

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  1. Googie Baba said...
    Did I ever tell you I went to the very first night of the very first Lollapalooza ever? It was in Phoenix. AZ. before you were born I think.

    I saw Porno for Pyros, 9 inch nails pass out on the stage, and some other folks I can't remember right now. I tried X for the first time.

    God, I feel like I sound like some old hippie talking about Woodstock.

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