You know that ball has no sides


The US festival season kicks off this weekend [SXSW is more of an event than a festival in my eyes] with Coachella, and they finally announced set times so I made up my own weekend. Who knew I would spend like half a day in the Sahara tent?

Coachella was such an adventure in 2006, it'll never be repeated, but I still get insanely tempted every year. I'm considering 2009 already.

But back to the lineup, if I were going. What sucks on Friday? The near crossover between Aphex Twin and The Verve. Previous festival experiences have proved there's no way I would be able to catch both full sets - I'd choose Aphex Twin in the hopes of a tour from The Verve. Plus, I saw The Verve a long time ago in a small club.

Saturday's mess would be Animal Collective vs Akron/Family vs Kraftwerk -> Portishead. I'd choose the bands I haven't seen, Kraftwerk and Portishead.

Sunday's actually not bad at all, but really, do we need two and a half hours of Roger Waters, with not much else to choose from? Really? I can't imagine the crush on the Sahara tent on Sunday night.

ANYWAY, I'm off to Lollapalooza in August, we're told to expect a schedule in June but tonight? It is a SADGASM with American Music Club!


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