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Last Wednesday Stacie and I went to the big show at the Somerville Theater, Mike Doughty. It was pretty good. I got mad at my GPS Patsy again, for directing me through only the most congested areas to get to Davis square. I got there just when I said I would and we ate pizza and went in, because I heard that him and his band had been warming up onstage in disguise as an opening act, and I was right. It was seriously warming up improv.

Mike introduced The Panderers, which was half of his band plus one, and they were - an average bar band, which doesn't really translate to theater space well.

The main reason I was at this show was because I went to school with Mike and he is certainly nice enough and I've always thought his music was good. It's really not my thing anymore, but it's certainly not painful. The crowd wasn't nearly as 'DUDE' as I had expected, so that helped. Actually, I don't think I would have gone if Stacie hadn't been such a huge fan.

Mike Doughty 027

The Golden Delicious material sounds just as strong live. The Haughty Melodic material sounds just as 'meh' live. We were threatened with a Soul Coughing MEDLEY at one point, but Stacie and I both agree that two songs does not a medley make. Just hearing half of Sleepless though was enough to make my night.

Mike Doughty 029

I still wasn't sure if I would have preferred a theater or a club though. Normally a fan of the assigned seats, it really felt like the crowd wanted to move around, but no one wanted to make the first move. He DJ'd his aftershow at some bar in the Financial District, but we were too old and tired to go. We did hang out for a few minutes by the stage door but eventually felt weird and left. Would I go see Mike Doughty again? THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY!


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