Black hair and the devil's pitchfork

Before I forget, be sure to spend your weekend indoors watching Coachella. May I suggest skipping Friday and tuning in at 6:50PM EST for Man Man? Other Saturday highlights are

  • VHS or Beta [8:35 PM]
  • Hot Chip [10:25 PM]
  • Animal Collective [11:25 PM]
  • Portishead [Sunday, 12:15 AM]
Sunday night's webcast includes
  • Stars [10:15 PM]
  • Spiritualized [11:10 PM]
  • Love and Rockets [Monday, 2:05 AM]


  1. Michael said...
    Hot Chip!

    I had to say that because they're the only highlighted band I've heard of (and love!).

    Bendable, poseable, bendable, poseable
    keith said...
    I'm still secretly resentful that Hot Chip's Boston show sold out months in advance, and that I didn't get to go. There's is an excellent chance I actually will watch their webcast, and be secretly resentful that I'm not there.
    Dumbek said...
    Somehow the thought of seeing Love and Rockets at 2:05am seems absolutely perfect.

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