We're all so funny but he's lost his joke now

Out like a lamb. OUT LIKE A LAMB.

A few weeks ago I won the new Say Hi [formerly ...to Your Mom] off of Clicky Clicky [thanks, it showed up in less than 24 hours!] and it is pretty good! Above average electro pop sounds right. I do not think I would go see them live as a headliner, however maybe they will open a gig I'm going to anyway, or show up at a festival I'm attending. I would totally check them out then.

You can pick up all sorts of shit over at the Calo Verde website right now. I got the pre-release digital download of "April" a few days ago. At first it's slightly disappointing, and I'm not really sure why. However it starts getting good about a third of the way into it. I think the only way to describe it is that the recipe is the same, it just tastes better. More mellow that "Ghosts of the Great Highway", way better than Mark Kozelek's solo records - I don't know, there's certainly no "instant" connection to this one, but I'll give it time. I've already got my tickets for his MFA show.

Also from Calo Verde is a pre-release digital download from Alan Sparhawk's [of Low] "rock" outfit. I've only listened to it once, and there's totally an instant connection there. Reminded me immediately of Codeine or Karate. I was kind of 'meh' when I saw they'd be playing live in a few months, but now that I've heard the record I think I have to go.

AND THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS! I watched some TV but didn't get too excited about it. I read gossip message boards. I played World of Warcraft, specifically going backwards and working on my rogue's lockpicking skills, which I forgot about. It's looking like a busy weekend IRL, actually.


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