"We're going union like they say

After the whole daily structured web-logging, it's kind of hard to kick it freestyle again. In the world of the music not much is happening this month - the new Ida record is out the end of the month, Blonde Redhead are playing the end of the month, and that's pretty much it. I finally downloaded the Niggy Tardust record and it was pretty good and all. In an unrelated development I found myself reading Trent Reznor's thoughts on it all, strangely as they were published [seriously, I could have been FIRST!]. I pretty much found his rant kind of insulting - if you wanted people to pay 5$ for the download then maybe you shouldn't have put the whole "Free" option in there. I will definitely consider checking out Saul Williams live though, and would buy a tasteful T-shirt at the event.

In the world of television, lord it's been busy. New Years Eve brought my DVR an Intervention marathon, and New Years Day filled it up with The Biggest Loser. I even watched the premiere of The Biggest Loser: Couples. And ate ice cream, cheesecake and bacon and shouted FATTY BOOMBALATTY at the television while it was on.

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  1. Joe said...
    I downloaded it for free and actually liked it! I'll be giving him five bucks for it too, seeing that one I like the music and two I like what he is doing. It's kind of sticking it to the man, and I'm all for that.

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