Twenty One

I first heard Lupe Fiasco around this time last year. I was watching America's Next Top Model and didn't change the channel or leave the room, and One Tree Hill came on, and it was kind of shitty, however there was a party scene and Lupe was performing "Kick, Push" and I was fucking hooked. I sat at his Myspace streaming the track repeatedly until I bought the whole record late one night on iTunes when I just couldn't stand it anymore.

He was the best thing I saw all weekend at Lollapalooza this summer.

If you don't like rap, this isn't going to win you over. If you can tolerate rap and like trip-hoppy kind of stuff this will blow you away. I'd post an .mp3, but again, that whole iTunes DRM is preventing that from being a simple FTP process. Check out his Myspace for upcoming tracks from The Cool, which comes out December 18th, and yes I will be buying it that day.


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