Goddamn! Would you accept a collect call?

So last week was the big Spiritualized show at the Museum of Fine Arts. Rob, Eric and I went and it was pretty good. A whole bunch of other blogs I read [Bradley's Almanac, Drive Blind] were there and they wrote about it just fine, and much more timely. The show dragged a little for me in the middle [it felt 'narcotic', actually] but on the whole it was great and I'm glad I went. Bradley recorded it and Jerad got pictures so all I can add are some rarities:

Shine A Light (Clear Light/Clear Rush) from Fucked Up Inside
I Think I'm In Love (Chemical Brothers Vocal Mix)
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (Original mix)

Did I get the links right? I gotta practice because just like last year I'm gonna power mp3 blog through the 25 records I listened to most this year, courtesy my Last.fm profile.

Also, even though I'm on vacation [I'm only blogging because my World of Warcraft server is down), I actually left the house yesterday! I know, right? Rob and I went to see The Mist, and I give it thumbs up, but NOT A++ POWER SELLER. Seriously, it was real good action with OK drama and only the most depressing ending ever.


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