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So last night was the big indie rock show over at the BU Agannis Arena. Interpol played with The Liars opening up. I think it was the most average show I've seen ever.

Rob and I got there just about on time and went through the airport security, where we saw a girl not be able to take her Mentos in. Going up the stairs I told Rob "I'm never coming here again - not even if Low play here" but he heard me say "Lohan", to which I realized I would totally go back there if Lindsay Lohan was playing anything.

The arena's basically a big hockey rink [I was counting seats and estimated something like a 6K capacity] - and when The Liars finally came on it was maybe 10% full. On most days, The Liars would have had me running from the arena screaming, but not last night! I was not expecting no-wave art noise as an opening act and it was A WONDERFUL SURPRISE!!! A++ to The Liars! Rob, and from what I could tell most of the arena, hated them. But then again, they all probably hate Confusion is Sex era Sonic Youth also.

SO, the big Interpol show. They came on later than I thought they would [9:20], to an arena that still seemed pretty empty. The seats had filled in, but since the floor was only 2/3 full of seats there were still huge aisles and awkward spaces.

Interpol 002

At the time I enjoyed the show just fine. They played a good selection of songs well, with accompanying lights. Mostly the first two records, and the strongest material [Mammoth, No I In Threesome] from the new record. The crowd was polite and well behaved. I reflected on where I was in my life when TOTBL came out compared to when Antics came out compared to now. Even getting home wasn't a problem. But today? I have to admit that was the most average show I think I've ever seen. I may as well have just stayed home and listened to the records loud while flipping a light switch off and on.

Interpol 018

It's kind of funny, how different the experience was at Lollapalooza - dancing in the rain in a ball field while they play instead of standing in a hockey rink makes all the difference. Also, they played the exact same set, and while it's a good set, I didn't need to see it twice in the space of a month. The order was slightly different and "C'mere" was added last night, but otherwise it was the same 16 songs.


Also, you know what sucks? I used to post my show reviews to BostonNow and, but keep getting shitty flame war comments from 17 year olds who don't get it, so I'm not doing that anymore. It makes me long for the day all that crap was well corralled by AOL. As much as we all chanted "AOL sucks", it really did keep a lot of idiots off the rest of the internet.


  1. Brad said...
    I didn't think it was quite as average as you did, probably because I'd never seen them live before (to finally see PDA, Obstacle1, and NYC live was a treat). But, like you, I find myself thinking less of it after the fact. As I was walking out I thought "great show", and today, just "eh, pretty good".

    But the recording came out sounding ace, so there's that.
    RSL said...
    I loves me some Liars. I'm always pleased when they gain a new convert, even if it's a reluctant one. I just hope they're going to make another trip through the US this year by themselves. I'm not paying thirty+ bucks to see them and Interpol [who I do like but just can't justify paying that amount for.]

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