But they were talking about root beer

Over the weekend I started some weird 70s disaster movie kick. Tonight I'm watching Airport 75, yesterday was Airport 77 - you know, where the plane went underwater in the Bermuda Triangle.

ANYWAY, last week Animal Collective was just awesome. I had high expectations, and they were exceeded. Is it ElectroniHippie? HippieTronica? Who can say. It pulsed and bounced and hurt my ears and I loved it. They were backlit by strobes and it killed my eyes and I loved it.

Avey Tare and Panda Bear

Ooh - the radio just went dead on Karen Black, and the plane is too low to get over the mountains.

The crowd was much younger than I expected, more hippies than I expected. I had played a few songs for Rob, and his fresh ears completely heard why the hippies would like it, and yeah, I guess it is music to trip out to. In a Butthole Surfers kind of way. Really, I can't recommend the live Animal Collective experience enough though, which is much more energetic, and slightly less noisy, and slightly more organized than their records. I'm tempted to road trip to another show, no, not really. But I do hope they come back on this tour.


Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam comes out tomorrow [along with The Go! Team's new record], and here's a secret - if you buy it at Newbury Comics and ask for a limited edition pint glass they will give it to you for free if they have them. But you have to ask, they won't just hand it over to you, as I learned with the Interpol pint glass.


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