Childhood's what makes ya

So today's indie-rock make-out song is There There. Actually technically it should be Providence by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but that's 30 minutes long with carefully crafted passages of silence, which were actually quite nice.

Yeah yeah yeah, too much information. Lollapalooza plans are still go, almost T minus 2 weeks. - they released a map of the place, which resolved some of my "what do I see" dilemmas [I see what's closest to where I will be!], and created a new Sophie's Choice, as I don't think I'll be able to catch both Modest Mouse and TV on the Radio as previously planned as they are playing opposite ends of the venue. TV on the Radio actually wins that match up, now that I've missed seeing them 4 times.

There was a flurry of text messaging last night trying to determine the following:

More embarrassing to watch?
Pants Off Dance Off
The Singing Bee
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  1. Dumbek said...
    I totally love Pants Off Dance Off.

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