Our hearts are used up, cracked and dry

As cranky as I got at the end of my Wordpress era, BostonNOW [via] really got it right in macking out all of the community-blog features of Wordpress. I set mine up in minutes.

I had totally meant to check out their initial meeting one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago - something came up and I can't remember what now - because turning web-logs into print-news-logs seems like a neat idea. So it's been bookmarked, delicioused, blogged, etc. Let's try a new primary news source for a week.

What inspires me most about BostonNOW is the fact that maybe after a week of just posting bits of crap about the internet and what shows I've been to, I can take an hour and actually write something [ok, a 'piece'].

Oh yeah right, and last night I decided to write a book. Again. And be a photographer and movie star.


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