One hand clapping, awake but napping

So originally, the plan for tomorrow was to go hear Chuck Palahniuk read at the Coolidge Corner theater. Lucky for me, the day that I was going to go very far out of my way to get tickets, I checked the listing again, and saw that it started at 5PM. There's no way I'd even get there for the last 5 minutes so I didn't bother getting tickets. I figured I'd still show up for the requisite book signing, since I haven't picked up the new one yet, and have a hole in my deep catalog.

Then, I became completely and totally obsessed with LCD Soundsystem. I picked up Sound of Silver a few weeks ago, and quite randomly threw "Someone Great" into a playlist of new stuff to check out. When it randomly came up, well, it killed me:

I wake up and the phone is ringing,
Surprised as it's early.
And that should be the perfect warning,
That something's a problem.
To tell the truth I saw it coming,
The way you were breathing.
But nothing can prepare you for it,
The voice on the other end.
I actually spent a few hours trying to remix it with Audacity, and while I got a pretty awesome sludgy ambient noise out of it, it could hardly be called a remix.

Originally I had planned to check out the show this Friday long before I had heard this. Now, I'm absolutely compelled to go. It got moved to a larger venue, more tickets opened up, and to be perfectly honest, I'm way more excited about this than I was about Ben Gibbard. I'm bummed it's early [7PM] and across the street from a baseball game which equals NO PARKING. I now have to race home, change into my safety glasses, cardigan sweater and indie rock courier bag, and race out by train so I can get there early, so I can get right to the front by the stage, so I can sing along at the top of my lungs with James Murphy and cry.



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