The light just aint there still and she said

Ha! The holiday weekend was busy and revealed aspects of my personality that I do not like.

Saturday night Jen and I went to Mohegan Sun to see Margaret Cho. We ate first and unlike Unca's, I was a little disappointed in the service at Fidelia's. It was all like GET THE LEAD OUT TOMMY [our waiter], WE GOTS MONEY TO THROW AWAY. We got out of there about 30 minutes before we had to queue up for the show [general admission], leaving not a lot of time to roll bones. I did well though. It still freaks me out when I make half a week's salary in 30 minutes.

Margaret Cho was...well, we preface by noting I've only seen her formal shows/tours, and never a stand-up act. It really had the look and feel of someone trying out new material - most of the jokes were shorter with less contextual flow from joke to joke. The jokes that worked [Project Runway, internet cruising, powering sex toys...] hopefully will get worked into longer pieces and then placed into her next show. What didn't work? I'm never a fan of political humor since I don't follow politics closely enough to 'get' enough of it, and Margaret's pretty political. Additionally, I tend to fall slightly right of center politically, so the extreme left humor completely sails over my head. I did enjoy the more popular references, which again will probably be worked into the next show.

She had an opening act [which kind of bummed me out, since I was hoping for a solid 90 minutes from Margaret], who's name I can't find [I blame you, internet], who held - his - own. It was a FTM, who'd gotten far enough that I guess we go with the male pronouns. Jen and I both agreed that his act got better as he talked more about the trans process, because you know that's got to be full of comedy gold. Comb-over on your ass indeed.

The big-ass no photography sign, I obeyed. I had planned on encore shots, but there was none, and about a 5 second curtain call, for real, she was gone before my camera was out of my pocket. After 4 shows in 3 nights there, I'd be pretty anxious to get out of there too, actually.

The Cabaret Theater is group seating with strangers. We had some snotty queens to our right, those new-fangled super-youth queers across, and yet another sleazy married couple to our left, who Jen totally snapped off on right to their face, making her my total hero. The chatty lady kept going on and on about being in a masters of fine arts program, and when Jen finally got the concentration out of her [since she was being real evasive about it] she properly responded "Installation art? I did that. In the eighties."

After the show I went back to try and make more money, but made the mistake of playing at a table with no mojo, and trying to change that instead of just walking away. Jen said her HP wasn't pushing her towards any specific slot machines so we just bailed. Would I go see Margaret Cho in a club gig again? THE ANSWER IS PROBABLY NOT EVEN THOUGH I'M GLAD I WENT.


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