Drove crazed grooming my lies

So earlier this week guess what? I was sick again. This time it was a sinus headache with a side of fever and fatigue - I slept for almost 36 hours in a row. In a way, it was kind of sweet.

I even thought about trying to repeat the feat this weekend [the sleeping not the sickness] when an even better idea popped into my head - CASINO GAMBLING AT MOHEGAN SUN, which I was like 40% into. I went to the website to see who was playing and miss MARGARET CHO is - next week. This weekend though? For free in the Wolf's Den?


I called John and he was totally into it too. I'm bringing my camera and getting into full-on starfucky mode, because if I had a picture of me with the Village People I would be like Cher.

You should note here I really don't like the Village People, this whole spur of the moment adventure is part of my fascination with camp, much like last summer's Canobie Lake trip.


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