Truly lonely this place is flatter than it seems

The Chris Hansen soundboard is exactly how I feel today.

I've had a weird-ass headache for 2 days now - it feels like a fucked up contact lens, but I'm not even wearing them today. I'm wicked-get-out tired - instead of lunch I took a nap in my car. The Carpenters have come up on the iPod - I say "Goodbye to Love" indeed. Tonight is Modest Mouse, and I'm so not feeling it right now. I know about 5 minutes before they go on I'll be in full on AI crying girl mode, but right now I just want to sleep for days.

Actually, the MM set lists look white hot - can I tell you a secret? I've barely listened to the new record once. They're not especially concentrating on new material this time around, so Issac Brock can still be my Sanjaya.

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