PS- There's a lot going on underneath

I've got a million things to look at in my link dump, but this morning I noticed that finally got it's Yahoo! makeover, and is now I got to log in with my Yahoo ID and merge my account. It's like WEB 2.0 WAR - everywhere now I can log in via Yahoo or Google - who will win and buy all the websites! It is like monopoly!

While I was there, I updated all of my events, since there's a whole bunch of stuff I'm not even going to pretend to try and get to anymore. I just left the stuff I actually have tickets for. I was really on the fence about going to the big Kristin Hersh show tomorrow night, but now that it's stringless my decision has been made to just stay home. Maybe try and fix the old web-log, so I don't just throw away 5 years of web-logging. On Sunday I have an actual date, because you know, when it pours it rains. It was totally tempting to create an event for that - you know, put it on my calendar, as if I might forget.


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