No I don't like this change of pace

Well now, that was fun.

So sometime yesterday morning while I was working on some - comment keywords - I broke my database, corrupted a table, whatever. The point of the story is that I'm real tired of php, SQL, CSS and fuck it. I'm just going to let Blogger do the job.

Originally, I published with Blogger for a long time, onto a domain hosted by Geocities. Unfortunately, that domain name was a little too close to my own, and I wasn't all into being Googled.

Next, I took a domain from a line in a Interpol song. Also published by Blogger, hosted on Geocities. Also, there were issues with capital letters back then.

I outgrew Blogger then in two ways - comments and tagging posts. Back then Blogger was not comment or trackback friendly AT ALL. Additionally, I liked the idea of categories, and made the decision to jump to Wordpress. Why Wordpress over Movable Type? It installed on my server easier. I bought a new domain, hosted by iPower which not only allowed server-side scripting for these state of the art web-logging tools, but 3 times as much disk space for 1/3 the cost. Multiple weblogs on one page. Mmm.

Of course, that all meant that I now had to administer the web-log, which got real old real fast. With this latest crash and all the advances Blogger had made in the past few years I just decided it's easier to come back to Blogger and publish here. When I first started on the sickoffood domain, I commented to Joshua from Crabwalk that in continuing naming websites after American Music Club songs from Everclear, my next one would be:

The Dead Part of You. And so it is - just with a 'blogspot' instead of a dot-com.

I'm keeping for now - files, podcasts, whatever. Playing around to try and get back into the old database. I'll probably turn the redirect off at the end of this month, so update your bookmarks now [as "The Dead Part of You", please]. This has seriously been the worst week ever.

Download American Music Club's Everclear, free 'n' legal.


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