Calmly crashing, I pace faster than anyone

  • In continuing with my love for all things fourfour, I just spent hours catching up on the Celebreality blog. Including reading every I Love New York recap in one sitting.
  • In continuing with my love of unknown Lollapalooza bands, I checked out Jeepster by Bang Bang Bang via their myspace. Will I try to see them live? THE ANSWER IS I MAY ACTUALLY ACTIVELY AVOID THEM.
  • In continuing with my love of words on skin, last week I got a new one on my leg...and my man fucked it up. For reals - in the tattoo chair I hear "I need to talk to you in a minute", and it sounded as bad as it sounds. "Feellng". In case you were wondering, when a tattoo artist messes up that critically, what they immediately do is start tattooing hydrogen peroxide over the error, to break up the ink. My faith is strong [we won't know for sure until the scab falls off, but it looks like a promising fix], and I'm supposed to check in with him tonight, but because I am ass full of busy through Saturday I'm not going to get to him until tomorrow.
  • In continuing with my love of web-logging, I rescued most of the lost one yesterday. I may or may not bother with trying to complete the salvage and just let the wayback machine be my archive.


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